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Visit Taverna Brillo for a unique dining experience. The easiest way to get a table is to book directly here on the website.

To make reservations for nine people or more, please contact us at: info@tavernabrillo.se. For any questions, please get in touch with us by phone: +468 519 77 800


Taverna Brillo Menu


Daily lunch


Tortelloni filled with salsiccia and truffle -artichoke puré, pine nuts och browned butter


Deep fried cod -crispy potatoes, grilled artichoke, lemon mayonnaise & salad


Grilled veal tri tip -wild broccoli, fennel, grapefruit, minth, capers


Seared salmon -white wine sauce, green asparagus, trout roe, dill

Red prawns, avocado, pumpkin seeds, chili/lemon vinaigrette, mix salad & vegetables
Arrabiata - fusilloni, spicy tomatoe sauce, chiliflakes, roasted garlic, parsley, stracciatella

Boka bord
Taverna Brillo's signature menu

We are Taverna Brillo

Taverna Brillo is a Stockholm-based restaurant focusing on food, drink, art, music and culture. We serve Italian food with a Swedish twist, offering our patrons the best of both worlds. Come here for a delicious lunch, an unforgettable dinner or a lively night out.

Everything under the same roof


At Brillo, we are convinced that good food is created with love for the ingredients and pride in craftsmanship. We cook all food from scratch and like to use ingredients we have grown or fished ourselves. This makes the food more sustainable while also creating an extraordinary dining experience. At the entrance, you can watch when we make fresh pasta in our pasta room or when we bake pizza in our wood-fired oven. To do it in any other way is unimaginable for us. The fish that has been caught from our fishing boat SM4 is cleaned in our fish processing area downstairs, and a large part of our vegetables come directly from our farms at “Ulriksdals Värdshus”- only seven and a half kilometres away. This way, we reduce the distance from "sea to table", creating a fresher experience that also benefits the environment. At the same time, we adapt our ingredients according to the season.

One large family


Eating at Taverna Brillo is an experience as noteworthy as the food itself. In the same way that we take pride in our cooking, we also ensure that you always get the best service and personal treatment. At Brillo, we like to see ourselves as a family and include our guests in that description. Call it a second home; we do!

The dining hall


In the heart of Taverna Brillo you will find the dining room, the hub where you gather with friends for unique dining experiences. Jonas Bohlin signs the interior design, and, like all his works, the details are well-thought-out and expertly executed. Watch the food being made in the kitchen next door while sipping a Negroni at the dining room bar or viewing the art around the room. Everything from artists to five-day regulars, families with children and newcomers come here. All are welcome in the Brillo family.



At the entrance from Humlegårdsgatan, you will find Växthusbaren (the greenhouse bar), a crowded place full of life. Come in the evening to experience the latest music, DJs and live acts. Hang out with a mix of original and like-minded people at one of Stockholm's most popular bars where anything can happen.

Bar Brillo


Bar Brillo is a lively place with knowledgeable bartenders, creative cocktails and carefully selected music on vinyl. Start the evening with a glass of organic wine or meet up after the meal when the pace picks up towards the small hours of the night, and the bar fills up with new acquaintances. The drink list suits most people but also offers some unexpected and intriguing options.

Espressobaren (The espresso bar) 


Do you want to discover what natural ice cream tastes like? We give you the answer by using only natural ingredients and making the ice cream from scratch - the Italian way. In the summer, you can enjoy Taverna Brillo's outdoor seating along Sturegatan and feel the city pulse next to you. The flavours vary daily, so come by for a coffee or buy your favourite flavours of ice cream to take home!


Find Taverna Brillo

Gather with family or friends and let us show you the way.


For larger parties

Enjoying good food in good company is part of the Italian dinner tradition. Gather your family, work colleagues or friends and let us take care of you. For parties of nine people or more, please send a booking request.