Music and Art

Växthusbaren is a great zone in Taverna Brillo for having fun. You will find the entertaining area at the back of Taverna Brillo, next to the greenery (hence the name, greenery in Swedish is Växthus). The place is often cheerful at night with an atmosphere of stimulating melodies. The main target is to please visitors with live performances and famous music played by exciting DJs.


Often a bustling and full of life in the evenings. Focus on new music with DJ and live shows. Växthusbaren has in less than a year become one of Stockholm’s most popular bars. A mix of pleasant bartenders  and carefully selected music by Luciano Leiva has created an unique atmosphere. In Växthusbaren art movies (without sound) are projected and art is part of the atmosphere.


Countless performances and installations has been realized in Växthusbaren such as Index – Justine, Juliett and the Crimes of Love, Cecilia Ömalm – Doors to the Afterlife and Akay and Eric Ericson – Traedmark are perment exhibitions that you can enjoy everytime you visit. Every night is different, but it is always great music, friendly staff and great art.