Fresh Flowers

Visit our beautiful floral store with fresh flowers in Stockholm at Taverna Brillo on Sturegatan 6. We have a huge collection of different flowers which often are nicely decorated in bouquets. Our bouquets are specially designed for all type of moments and suits perfectly as a present to show appreciation to yourself or somebody you love and care for. Apart from bouquets, we also offer single flowers if you prefer. We always have the highest quality products available and that does not make our prices any higher.

We have a big passion for flowers but mostly for creating bouquets that will make you feel good. We are flexible and can make you a special order, in that case we only need you to pre order your request two days earlier or drop in and chat with our florist.

You can get your flowers at Taverna Brillo opening hours, yes from early morning to late night, which makes us one of the rare floral shops that is available at night.

Bouquets 300 – 500 sek


Sturegatan 6
Humlegårdsgatan 19