About Taverna Brillo

Restaurant, bar, café, ice cream, flowers, music with dj’s, shows with art, all under one roof. Taverna Brillo is an Italian brasserie in a Swedish form. The modern designed dining room is surrounded by cocktail bars and a nice café that offers fantastic dishes, pizza, local baked bread, delicious ice cream, espresso bar and wonderful flowers. The range is as generous as the opening hours, from early morning until late night. The menu has been alternated by Taverna Brillos chef Edoardo Ottati but still has its roots in the Italian cuisine.

The menu 


The dining room is inspired by the Italian food that we love and has made a big impact in the Swedish food culture. The cherished designs in the room are all the artwork of Swedish interior designer Jonas Bohlin, a famous architect known for is well understanding for details in his artistry.


The entrance on Humlegårdsgatan 19 leads directly to the Taverna Brillo café. Jonas Bohlin has created an illusion of an alleyway somewhere around the middle sea and has painted a 50 meter, perfectly fitted long art work on the wall of the long side NUG.

In the market, you can find a shop with local baked bread and a café. The bread is made by Skeppsbro Bageri which is directed by Håkan Johansson who was the winner of Bakery Masters 2014 (Viennese Pastry) and hence the world champion in baking sweet bread. Apart from the nice café and award-winning bread, the market is also a favorable place to have nice dishes, salads, sandwiches, sauces, olive oils and other selected products to buy and take home.

At nighttime the market transforms into a bar and the hallway around the café area is filled with people everywhere.



Växthusbaren is a great zone in Taverna Brillo for having fun. You will find the entertaining area at the back of Taverna Brillo, next to the greenery (hence the name, greenery in Swedish is Växthus). The place is often cheerful at night with an atmosphere of stimulating melodies. The main target is to please visitors with live performances and famous music played by exciting DJs.


Bar Brillo is a central meeting place that is vivid all the hours of the day; you can step in for a fast Italian espresso breakfast, have a lunch or dinner (the menu is Italian cuisine interpreted in a swedish way). You can also choose to finish your evening at Bar Brillo with a late nightcap, a nice wine or a cold beer. The music usually played is often entire albums that are somehow related to Jazz and Folk. The art shown in the bar is mostly Swedish contemporary art.

In summary, we want Bar Brillo to feel grown-up, Italian and family-like as a home party.



How about visiting our limited but fascinating bar located on Sturegatan that offers tasty coffee, aperitives and not least our sweet exotic ice creams. The ice cream is made of natural ingredients and tastes just as real ice cream should taste. The flavors varies from day to day. Stop for a coffee or buy your favorite ice cream (if you want it “to go” we offer half liter packs). At the entrance on Sturegatan you can also find cut flowers from our floral fridge – everything is available until around midnight or later. In summertime, the italian style espresso bar is extended with a fancy terrace.


A tavern (TAVERNA) is open for guests to order food and drinks. Italian taverns differ from bars where they usually stay open also during the day and serves full meals. The word comes from ancient latin “Tabernae”, a grocery store that offer the possibility to consume food, drinks and sometimes even lodging.

BRILLO has multiple meanings, tipsy and sunbeam. And the Brillobox by Andy Warhol is the object of one of the world’s most debated art histories. We chose the name Taverna Brillo mainly because the sun shines into the room through a light dome, crossing the dining room and cocktail bar to finally land in our kitchen and bakery.

That Brillo means tipsy in Italian might be because a person shines a little bit extra in that state. A state of mind we wish for all our guests, a bit tipsy. But not just by alcohol but by food, art and life.